The ministry constantly organizes outreaches to students from African nations shortlisted for the Pan African Union Life and Earth Science Institute (PAULESI) in Ibadan, Nigeria. Due to the uniqueness of the program, students are selected from various countries from across Africa (Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Congo, Burkina Faso, Sudan, Morocco, Burundi, Egypt, The Gambia, Mali, Niger, Central Republic of Africa, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Togo, Libya, among others), with many having that experience as their first encounter with other parts of Africa. Two fundamental challenges were consistently observed among these students. The first was that a number of them experienced difficulty in communication and the next was that the change in environment affected some of them psychologically; hence, the ministry offers outreaches targeted at addressing these major gaps, amidst other volunteering activities to make their stay in Nigeria a memorable one. Educational supports (Language tutorials) are provided to students from non-English speaking countries to aid communication in English Language while other students are enrolled in French classes to provide basic use of the language that makes them scale their examination.

Break the linguistic barriers with us and explore open doors of opportunity for PAULESI students in Ibadan City!
Join us in fostering an inclusive environment where every student thrives, empowered to excel both in studies and cultural exchange.