We are happy that you are finally here! It is God's will that men grow up into the fullness of the Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. This is achieved through the unveiling of the mysteries of Christ, the Father and God, which are designed to make the believer attain all the treasures in God. Our mandate is to equip the saints and make them fully rooted in the will of God so they will not be tossed around by every wind of doctrine. We welcome you to join us in this lifetime experience of learning God. Kindly maximize the media resources in our archives and subscribe to our media channels for updates on upcoming events.

Stay Blessed..

Dimeji & Fisayo Elugbadebo

Senior Pastor TCGC

Midweek Meetings

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Sunday Worship Service

Sunday Worship Service is a congregation of saints pressing into fullness and maturity through the administration of the Seven Spirits, expressing oneness through the word
(Sunday: 10:00am-1:00pm)

Word and Prayer

Word and Prayer is a gathering of saints given to praying the burden of the Spirit for each season to the end of advancing of the Kingdom of God on earth .
(Tuesday: 5:30-8:00pm)

The School of Christ

The School of Christ is an apostolic and prophetic trumpet to summon and gather souls to Christ, cleansing and building them with sound doctrine by the priestly ministry of the New Testament.
(Thursday: 5:30-8:00pm)

Special Meetings

Kingdom Business Network (KBN)

Kingdom Business Network (KBN) is a fellowship of entrepreneurs and marketplace leaders that are being equipped to do business the 'kingdom way'. It is an interactive platform for business people to learn and use strategies, for resources to grow and mature into profits. This arm of the City Gate Church is committed to raising believers to thrive in the marketplace where they interface the world and do not abuse or get corrupted by its operational system. Workshops and trainings are organised periodically to equip believers.

Kingdom Community Center (KCC)

Kingdom Community Centre (KCC) is a smaller unit of fellowship patterned after the New Testament Church life. It is an integral part of the bigger church, that offers love, care, sharing and foster communal living to strengthen one another. Questions on our conversation, faith, brethrenhood and practical living are discussed in these meetings which hold in homes central to the residence of brethren in a location. It is a platform to encourage one another in the fear of God that fosters our growth in the faith for service to God and to one another.

Apostolic Training School (ATS)

Apostolic Training School (ATS) is an organised preparatory curriculum for believers and congregants to initiate and establish them in the basics of the faith drawing patterns from the apostles' doctrine, instruct them in church life as defined by the Lord, the relationship between the saints and the gifts of Christ as revealed in the epistles. It also teaches the saints their role in service and leadership, as well as missions, church planting and church growth. These emphasis are in four phases and are taught systematically.

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